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Body Contouring After Weight Loss in NY

NYC Skin Tightening Surgery

Losing a large amount of fat, whether by weight loss programs or bariatric surgery, can be a life changing experience. The first thing you want to do is show off your slimmer self, wearing all of the clothes you once couldn't. However, the sense of joy felt after losing all the weight may be stalled by the embarrassing folds and flaps of extra skin that can sometimes hang around following a large drop in weight. Men and women looking to refine their body's contours after massive weight loss may benefit from body contouring surgery with New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Marcel Scheinman.

What is Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss?

One of the unfortunate side effects to losing large amounts of weight is that the skin that has been stretched out over a long period of time often lacks the elasticity to tighten back up once the fat is gone. A person may be left with flaps of skin in various areas of the body after losing a large amount of weight, which is a worry for many men and women considering weight loss surgery.

Here's a good way to think about it. Say you have a favorite cashmere sweater that fits you perfectly. If you let a friend who is larger than you borrow it, it likely will come back stretched out or misshapen and there is not much to do about it to return it to its original state (unless you have a good tailor, of course). Well, your skin works in a very similar way. Once your skin and tissue has been stretched over a period time due to weight gain or obesity, it begins losing elasticity. As a result, when the excess fat is lost, the skin is unable to return to its former tightness and instead ends up draped over the body. However, in the way that a good tailor can fix your clothing, an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Scheinman can help to reshape and tighten the skin around your body.

So How Does Body Contouring Work?

The goal of body contouring surgery in NY is essentially to get rid of the excess skin and reshape the underlying muscle and tissue for a firm, toned contouring throughout the body. To do this, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scheinman will need to make an incision near the treatment location, using your body's natural curves and creases to disguise incision lines. He then reshapes and repairs the underlying structure before removing excess skin and pulling it tight for a youthful look and feel before closing your incisions.

Body contouring surgeries in New York are not intended for the removal of excess fat, but patients who are still struggling with small, localized areas of fat may choose to have their procedure paired with liposuction.

There are various body contouring procedures that are designed to target specific areas of your body. Some of the most popular surgeries include the:

However, not all patients will need the same combination of procedures. During your consultation with Dr. Scheinman, he will use your expectations to design a plan that will provide you with the body that you want by using a combination of one or more of the above procedures.

New York Body Contouring Results and Recovery

Because each procedure will be highly customized to the needs of each individual patient, recovery times will vary based on the areas being treated and the number of procedures performed. You are given the option of having all your necessary procedures performed as one surgery which can help to cut down on your overall recovery time, or you may choose to have your surgeries performed separately by Dr. Scheinman.

You will be provided with detailed care instructions and information once your surgery is complete. It will take some time for any bruising and swelling to go down, but you will soon notice the beautiful changes in the look and feel of your body.

How to Get Rid of the Stubborn Extra Skin

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