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Brow Lift NYC

Forehead Lift in New York

Deep forehead lines or sagging skin on the brow can leave you looking aged, and constantly down or tired. Unfortunately, skin begins to lose its elasticity with age and will become wrinkled and saggy over time. A brow lift with Dr. Scheinman can help smooth away wrinkles, tighten loose skin and brighten the look of your face for a much more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Is a Brow Lift Right for You?

Most patients who come in for a brow life are in their forties, fifties, or sixties. At this age, signs of aging become more difficult to deal with and are more resistant to non-surgical treatments like Botox. A brow lift can be used to improve the appearance of:

  • Excess skin on the brow causing a droopy appearance
  • Deep furrows or wrinkles on the forehead
  • A low or heavy brow

Some patients are born with a naturally heavy brow, which can be softened for a more feminine or youthful appearance. The brow lift is often performed along with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift. Combining facial procedures may help you achieve a younger and well-balanced face.

How Your Brow Lift Will Be Performed

Dr. Scheinman will begin by making an incision within your hairline so that any post-surgical lines easily can be hidden. From there, he will repair the underlying muscles and remove any excess skin and/or tissue to reduce sagging and wrinkles of the brow and forehead. The skin is then pulled back over and tightened for a naturally youthful look.

Recovering from Your Brow Lift in NYC

Following your surgery, it is important that you spend a few days resting before returning to work. Take it easy while your incision sites heal. You may experience some bruising or swelling, but this will continue to fade over the course of a month or so.

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