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Botox New York

Stop and think for a moment: every day, how many times do you smile, frown, squint, or make any given facial expression? Probably far too many to keep track. Now imagine all of these muscle contractions added up over time, scrunching and pulling the skin of your face millions of times over. These repeated movements eventually lead to the development of facial lines and wrinkles. Botox is an extremely popular non-surgical injectable botulinum toxin that works to relax these underlying facial muscles to improve current issues and prevent new ones from forming.

What Can Botox do for Me?

When injected below the skin into the facial muscle, Botox relaxes the muscles to lessen contractions and smooth the skin's surface. A Botox treatment with New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Scheinman, can help treat common signs of aging such as:

  • Crow's feet
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines

Botox has also been clinically proven to improve other physical issues such as excessive sweating, muscle spasms, overactive bladder and Chronic Migraine.

Patients who are looking for further rejuvenation may choose to combine their Botox treatment with other non-surgical dermal fillers.

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Who Should Consider Botox NYC?

Botox can be performed on patients over the age of 18. With about six million injections administered in the United States each year, Botox has become a favorite for men and women looking to combat the early signs of aging without having to undergo facial surgery. If you are not yet ready for more invasive facial surgeries, Botox is a great non-surgical alternative to maintain a youthful appearance and keep lines and wrinkles off your face. Our experienced plumbing companies know that emergency plumber situations pop up when people least expect them to

Botox Recovery and Results

A Botox treatment will take just about a half hour and requires little to no downtime. Dr. Scheinman will provide you with specific care instructions to follow after your treatment to avoid any unnecessary complications. Immediately after your procedure, you may experience slight side effects, such as bruising, redness or a mild headache.

The results of your Botox treatment will leave you with a more youthful looking face. Patients are usually able to go 3-6 months before returning for further touch-up treatments.

Botox in NYC

Get started on losing those lines and wrinkles today. Click here to schedule a Botox consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Marcel Scheinman. Services areas include: Lawrence, Rego Park, Valley Stream, Oceanside, Garden City, Freeport, Rockville Centre, Cedarhurst, Hewlet, Inwood, and Woodmere New York.